Arvin Radios

Arvin Industries was founded in 1927 based on research information as a manufacturer of automobile parts. The company began to make automobile radios in 1933, then home radios in 1934 and televisions in the year 1948 based on information obtained on the company. The Arvin company is located in Columbus, Indiana.

Arvin was founded in 1927 for production of a lasting gift to the humanity . It is the manufacturing of the radio for the use of homes, kitchens and vehicles while traveling. The Radio is an effective device to ease the boredom and relax from loneliness. They are the effective news communicators with the adjourned latest events by transmitting an honest and mature judgment over the events and episodes.

Today almost in every kitchen , dining room and the drawing room we find the radio. In this modern era the Televisions are the most powerful tools for the transmission of news, information and entertainment. But they are not portables. The Radio are perennial and inseparable companion of any individual.

Arwin Radios differ in size and shape. They can be round and circular like a ball with a handle, they can be a fitting square box or rectangular and they can be of oval shape.

The Caratteristiche website which features collectible items shows a few Arvin radios. One of these Arvin radios is a Model 61R16, 26, Mint Green, 1961 with dimensions of 4" x 2 3/4" x 1 1/4". The Arvin radio has transistors of 6:2N194A-2N94-2N2Z33A-2N251 x 2N1059, the modulation is solo, AM only, with a power supply of 9 volt DC according to research information.

Another Arvin radio featured on the same site is a Model 61R35, Arvin, 1961, with dimensions of 4 1/8" x 2 1/2" x 1 3/8". The modulation type is solo, AM only with the transistors being 7:2N212-2N94-2N233A-2 x 2N1101-2 x 2N1059. The power supply is 9 volt DC, all based on research information. There is one other Arvin radio, Model 61R16,23 in Red on this site, made in 1961, with dimensions of 4" x 2 3/4" x 1 1/4". The transistors are 6:2N194A-2N94-2N233A-2N251-2 x 2N1059 with a modulation type of solo, AM only, the power supply is stated as 9 volt DC, all according to information obtained.

The features an Arvin radio out of his collection which is the Arvin "Rhythm Queen" model 927 circa 1936. The main chassis is described as form pressed of 13 guage steel. The capacitors are said to be all mounted above the chassis in steel cans, they needed to be rebuilt and were according to research. Overall the set is described as being an excellent performer with very good, full range sound. This model is said to incorporate the odd-ball 6N6G tubes in the push-pull out put stage based on information obtained.

The E-Bay website features an Art Deco Arvin Chrome Tube Radio for a list price of $250.75 based on research. This Arvin radio has a shiny chrome plated cabinet which was not done at the factory, the ad states but in the aftermarket. The radio has an Art Deco Machine look which would compliment any collection based on information obtained from the advertisement. This Arvin radio is stated as being a unique item, has a metal case, dimensions are 6 1/2" W x 5" H x 4" D, is

listed as being in excellent condition with the chassis being clean, complete and in working condion all based on research information. The price was reduced from $295.00 and can be bid for on the E-Bay website based on information obtained.

Three Vintage Space Age Eames, Kartell, Panton, Arvin AC Radios are available on E-Bay, two of the Vintage Arvin Radios play, one does not according to the advertisement. The Arvin Vintage Radios are offered as a lot for the price of $99.00, they are used, but have no chips, cracks or melts based on research. The radios are charcoal grey, light brown and pale teal which is the one that does not play according to information obtained. The cosmetics are stated as being excellent, shipping is standard at $20.00 based on the information obtained. The items are available for bidding on the site, the advertisement states that the first $100.00 bid gets all three based on research.

A Vintage Arvin radio is also listed on E-Bay as being a Vintage Arvin Radio, Transistor with a case, is red, and dates to the 1960's according to the advertisement and research. This vintage Arvin radio is a 6 transitor type which uses a 9 volt battery, and has the original carrying case based on the information obtained on the item. The ad also states that the radio has not been tested, no returns, with a $5.00 shipping cost. This Vintage Arvin Radio has a listed price of $25.48 and is available for bidding at the E-Bay website based on research information.

Vintage Arvin radio has proved to be a popular companion of the lonely. When vintage Arvin radio is accompanied by stereo set it creates a festive mood. These are the effective teaching tools for education and training courses at the academies.
Arvin Radios are functional on batteries and electric current. The sound will be more fine by using the electric current. Those who suffer loneliness boredom, insomnia can find a faithful companion with Arvin Radios.

Arvin Radio can be tuned to several stations. It is accessible to different stations and areas. It transmits the program in different languages. It is accessible only to AM band. The technology used for the manufacture of Arvin Radios deserves great appreciation for its enduring utility at homes and while traveling in vehicles.

The youth are very fond of Arvin Radios for the rock band music and several programs. The adults love them to fill up their loneliness and vacuum as well as to display the taste for antiquity by exhibiting the Radio cases and Radio Stands. By Marconi legacy the humanity finds great solace in all ages.